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Able United Productions

We’re an integrated, creative studio where agile creatives work with emerging and established brands and businesses to produce compelling and amazing videos.

We specialize in developing and producing creative content for brand response television and digital media advertising.

TV Commercials, Facebook Video Ads, video preroll… there are countless ways to use video to commercialize your videos for business. Our team has countless years of experience producing both national broadcast commercials and low budget web video ads.

<< Video Produced For Angelic’s Kitchen Soul Food Eatery

We Are Invested In YOUR SUCCESS!

Our passion for forming deep connections is at the heart of everything we do. We blend creativity, strategy, and real-time data analysis to drive growth for your business. So, whether you’re an emerging brand looking to expand your reach, or an established brand seeking new ways to engage your customers, let us show you how our approach makes Able United Productions the ideal resource for your video production needs.

For marketing that creates emotional connections, inspires action, and drives results for your business, hire Able United Productions.  We produce authentic, story-driven video content that connects with audiences in a meaningful and lasting way.

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We Offer:    High-quality Equipment   Streamlined Video Editing   

Goal-Oriented Storytelling    Proactive Management

From filters that control ambient lighting, to professional audio equipment and methods to keep the shot steady throughout, Able United Productions has the equipment and the know-how to breathe life into the story you want told.  We’ll use the most flattering lighting, ensure that the images match the narration, and make every shot with the subsequent video editing in mind.

The below video ras recently produced for Strack, Inc. (a leader in full-site contracting) in Fairburn, GA   v

Video Display Advertising

Impactful videos placed into the content of heavily visited websites display advertising that will compel and catch the attention of viewers, encouraging them to click-through to your business's website!

TV Commercials

The lines between TV and online advertising are converging and online video is essential, but the truth is that TV is still the king when it comes to returns on investment, awareness and brand recall.

Creative Development

Shooting video is certainly not the only thing involved in creating compelling marketing content. Our creative team has more than 25 years experience in script-writing, directing, and overall creative content.

Digital Assets

Through the organic process of filming commercials, substantial footage is generated that can be utilized for other purposes to make your business look great! Behind-the-scenes, product demonstrations, and more.

Let's Get Started!

Video production is a great way to succinctly convey your brand promise and inspire a call to action.

Able United Productions amplifies your message and establishes deep emotional connections with your target audience with your video vision. Let’s set up a time to chat!