Video Display Advertising

Video-Display-AdvertisingIf you aren’t sure whether to consider display or video advertising in your advertising strategy, consider the benefits that they can bring.

  • Both display and video have the potential to increase brand awareness for your brand or product amongst your target audience.
  • You can drive consideration for your brand or product within your target audience with visual advertising formats.
  • You could create purchase intent, free your products or services with highly targeted advertising that clearly displays your products to the user.
  • You can choose to increase the reach, broad or narrow, of your content across a large target audience.
  • You can drive frequency of the exposure to re-enforce your brand messaging.
  • You can engage and re-engage with customers with display and video remarketing which can mean upselling additional products to past customers or encouraging non-converting website visitors to complete their purchases.
  • You have the opportunity to choose from multiple types of ad formats to fit your advertising needs when choosing display or video.
  • Video especially can be utilized to complement TV buying strategies in capturing the audiences online that might not be captured by TV.

By presenting your business and brand in a visual and engaging way, you can better promote it to interested audiences and raise awareness in the process.  Let Able United Productions all of the ways your business can benefit from video display advertising as part of your video marketing strategy.